Wednesday, September 6, 2017

August Intraday Signal Results Summary

Here is our intraday signal results in August. It's way below our usual minimum of 500 Pips.

Signal 1: Nzdcad sell hit SL  for -25 Pips
Signal 2: Cadjpy sell hit TP2 for +50 Pips
Signal 3: Audjpy sell hit TP2 for +58Pips
Signal 4: Gbpjpy buy  hit SL  for -53 Pips
Signal 5: Gbpnzd buy hit  TP2 for +106 Pips
Signal 6: Audjpy sell hit SL  for -39pips

Signal 7: Gbpusd sell hit TP3 for +72 Pips
Signal 8: Usdjpy Cancelled
Signal 9: Audusd sell hit TP2 for +66 Pips
Signal 10: Euraud buy SL for -24 Pips
Signal 11: Gbpusd sell hit TP1 for +42 Pips
Signal 12: Nzdcad sell hit SL for -28 Pips
Signal 13: Eurusd sell hit SL for -43 Pips
Signal 14: Nzdusd sell hit TP1 for +47 Pips
Signal 15: Nzdjpy sell Cancelled
Signal 16: cadjpy sell Cancelled

Signal 17: Eurnzd buy hit TP1 for +67 Pips
Signal 18: Audnzd buy hit TP 3 for +178 Pips
Signal 19: Gbpnzd buy Cancelled
Signal 20: Cadjpy sell Cancelled
Signal 21: Eurgbp buy hit TP1 for +32 Pips
Signal 22: Eurjpy buy hit TP1 for +36 Pips
Signal 23: Audjpy buy hit TP3 for +87 Pips
Signal 24: Cadjpy sell cancelled

Signal 25: Gbpusd sell hit SL for -37 Pips
signal 26: Gbpcad sell Cancelled
Signal 27: Gbpjpy sell hit SL for -65 Pips
Signal 28: Usdjpy sell hit SL for -52 Pips
Signal 29: Nzdusd buy hit  SL for -19 Pips
Signal 30: Gbpaud sell hit SL for -60 Pips
Signal 31: Gbpnzd sell Cancelled
Signal 32: Eurcad sell cancelled
Signal 33: Cadchf sell hit              -25 Pips
Signal 34: Gbpcad sell hit TP2 for +100 Pips
Signal 35: Euraud buy Cancelled
Signal 36: Eurusd buy Cancelled
Signal 37: Usdcad sell hit SL for -52 Pips

Total Total Net Pips: 419 Pips

Check July Result
Check June Result 

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July Intraday Signals Results: 1000+ Pips Profits

July 2017 Signals Result

Ist Week Result

1. Eurcad Sell TP3 hit +87 Pips
2. Nzdjpy buy  BE  hit 0 Pip
3. Eurcad sell hit SL -31 Pips
4. Gbpaud buy  Cancelled
5. Usdcad sell Cancelled
6. Gbpcad sell Cancelled
7. Eurusd sell hit SL -25 Pips
8. Eurcad sell hit SL -49 Pips
9. Usdjpy buy  hit TP2 +94 Pips
10 Audjpy sell hit SL -39 Pips

Ist Week Net Pips = +37 Pips

2nd Week Result

11. Gbpnzd sell hit SL -35 Pips
12. Eurnzd buy  hit TP3 +153 Pips
13. Eurusd buy  hit TP2 +70 Pips
14. Audusd sell hit SL -34 Pips
15. Gbpchf sell hit SL -21 Pips
16. Usdcad sell hit TP3 +138 Pips
17. Nzdcad sell Cancelled
18. Nzdusd sell hit SL -26 Pips
19. Gold   buy  hit TP 3 +166 Pips
20. Eurnzd sell cancelled
21. Nzdusd buy SL -23 Pips
22. Gbpnzd sell Cancelled
23. Eurusd sell Cancelled

2nd Week Net Pips = +368 Pips

3rd Week Result

24. Euraud sell hit SL -33 Pips
25. Gbpaud sell hit TP3 +196 Pips
26. Eurusd buy  hit TP3 +84 Pips
27. Usdjpy sell hit SL -35 Pips
28. Gbpusd buy  hit SL -42 Pips
29. Eurcad buy  Cancelled
30. Eurusd buy  Cancelled
31. Eurgbp buy  hit TP3 +93 Pips
32. Gbpcad sell hit TP2 +96 Pips
33. Nzdjpy buy  hit SL  -30 Pips

3rd Week Net Pips = +329 Pips

4th Week Result

34. Gbpchf sell Cancelled
35. Gbpnzd buy  Cancelled
36. Audcad sell hit TP1 +38 Pips
37. Gbpcad sell hit Ad.SL -32 Pips
38. Gbpjpy sell hit SL -55 Pips
39. Nzdusd buy  hit TP3 +111 Pips
40. Eurcad sell Cancelled
41. Audnzd sell hit TP1 +35 Pips
42. Eurusd buy  hit TP2 +118 Pips (still running)
43. Gbpnzd sell hit SL -55 Pips
44. Gbpaud buy  hit TP1 +135 Pips (still running)
45. Nzdusd buy (Still running)

4th Week Net Pips = 295 pips

Total Net Pips for July = 1029 Pips

If 500-1500 Pips monthly is good for your Forex account Join us in August for just $50


If you want to join our premium handle, please click HERE for Signals Userguide, FAQ
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Friday, June 30, 2017

June Intraday Signals Result : Breakdown and Summary

We recorded another 1150 Pips in June in our Intraday signals service. The following is the breakdown and summary.

1. Nzdcad sell---- Violated.
2. Cadjpy sell---- Violated.
3. Eurusd buy ---- Violated.
4. Eurcad buy ---- TP 1 hit for +64 Pips.
5. Nzdcad buy ---- TP3 hit for +138 Pips.
6. Audjpy sell --- TP 1 hit for +32 Pips.
7. Cadchf sell --- Violated.
8. Usdcad buy ---- Violated.
9. Gbpnzd sell --- TP 1 hit for +93 Pips.
10 Gbpchf sell --- SL hit   for -56 Pips.
11 Eurusd buy ---- SL hit   for -35 Pips.
12 Nzdusd buy ---- Breakeven.
13 Euraud sell --- TP 3 hit for +201 Pips.
14 Audnzd buy ---- Violated.
15 Audusd buy ---- SL hit   for -28 Pips.
16 Audjpy buy ---- Violated.
17 Eurcad sell --- TP 3 hit for +159 Pips.
18 Eurusd sell --- SL hit   for -32 Pips.
19 Eurnzd sell --- TP 3 hit for +224 Pips.
20 Gbpjpy sell --- Violated.
21 Nzdjpy buy  --- TP 1 hit for +42 Pips.
22 Audjpy buy  --- TP 3 hit for +87 Pips.
23 Eurjpy sell --- TP 1 hit for +63 Pips
24 Gbpchf buy  --- TP 3 hit for +84 Pips.
25 Audnzd buy  --- SL hit   for -27 Pips
26 Gbpaud sell --- Cancelled.
27 Usdcad sell --- Adj.SL hit for -24 Pips.
28 Nzdcad sell --- SL hit   for -68 Pips
29 Eurgbp sell --- SL hit   for -31 Pips
30 Euraud sell --- TP 1 hit for +59 Pips
31 Cadjpy buy ---- Violated
32 Audjpy sell --- Violated
33 Eurcad buy ---- Violated
34 Audcad sell --- SL hit for -51 Pips
35 Usdcad sell --- TP 3 hit for +180 Pips
36 Euraud buy  --- SL hit   for -48 Pips
37 Gbpnzd sell --- TP 2 hit for +124 Pips (still ongoing)
38 Gbpaud buy ---- Violated

Final Targets Profits Summary

TP 1 : All TP 1 made a net 366 Pips
TP 2 : All TP 2 made a net 430 Pips
TP 3 : All TP 3 made a net 673 Pips which
will increase to 859 Pips if Signal 37 hit TP3

Maximum profits attained: 1150 Pips.


If you want to join our premium handle, please click HERE for Signals userguide, FAQ
and subscription details.

Forex Sniper Intraday Signals: Userguide, FAQ and Subscription details

Brief Introduction

Our intraday signals is based on a strategy that follows the current intraday market trend. ‘The trend is your friend’ is a popular say and this strategy is built around that popular say. The signals are manually generated and have been back-tested for more than 5 years. The best part of this system is the reliability and the consistency. In the last 16 months, we have generated 15 months of profits from 500 Pips to 2500 Pips per month. 15 out of 16 is very good you will admit.

Who can use this Service

Any trader from newbies to traders who have been around awhile without consistency. More than monthly high returns, this service is intended for consistency. 300-500 Pips per month can grow any account steadily. That’s our intention. From traders who want high winning rates of trades to traders who focus on huge R/R, we have three levels of profit taking to accommodate all.

Instruments Covered

Our signals Service only covers major and minor currency pairs with the exception of exotic pairs. Only Gold is included among the commodities. We cover 20 currency pairs and Gold.

How are Signals delivered?

Signals are delivered mostly by pending orders with instruction for invalidation/violation. In some cases, signals come as current market orders. Signals are mostly delivered before or during the London and New York Market. We are asleep during the Asian market. Signals are delivered through Skype/Telegram/Whatsapp and SMS (attracts $10 extra charge).

How many Pips at the end of the Month?

We have 3 target levels - TP 1 for 1:1 R/R, TP 2 for 1:2 R/R and TP 3 for 1:3 R/R. Traders can aim any of these targets and make from 300 to 2000 Pips per month. More on take profits below.

How to take profits?

Plan 1

Set TP 1 for all signals. This is expected to give 300-500 Pips per month. This method is for traders with less than $500 to manage or traders who cannot afford to trade more than 0.01 standard Lot size per trade. The expected winning ratio here is 70%. Note that this plan is not limited to traders who trade small fund. Also note that traders in this category can use Plan 2 and 3.

Plan 2

Set TP 2 for all signals. This is expected to take more profits than Plan 1. It usually gives 400 - 800 Pips but with less winning ratio that Plan 1. This also comes with a bit of trade management. Traders are expected to automatically reduce SL by half once price hit TP 1 knowing that price will hit TP 2 before they can cash out. We also provide SL adjustment update as trades go in our favor for traders who use this plan and the other plans below.

Plan 3

Set TP 3 for all signals. This is for traders who are patient and want to fully utilize this system aiming final target at 1:3 R/R. Profits range from 500 Pips to 1200 Pips. SL adjustment instruction will be sent to traders who prefer this plan.

Plan 4

Sequential TP 2. This is for traders who trade from 0.02 Lots and above. They can divide their total lot size per trade by 2 and allocate to the same trade setting the first trade to target TP 1 and the other to target TP 2.     
Example: If there is a call to buy EURUSD with SL of 40 Pips and TP 1 for 40 Pips and TP 2 for 80 Pips.  If a trader wants to trade the signal with 0.03 Lots. He can buy 0.01 EURUSD targeting TP 1 and another 0.02 targeting TP 2 and then follow the SL trade management updates.

Plan 5

Sequential TP 3.  This plan is for traders who trade with multiple lot size from 0.02 and above. A trader can divide the total lot size to 3 and trade each to take TP 1,2 and 3. Or divide by 2 and make one to target TP 2 and the other to target TP 3.

Please note that traders can use their own plan. The system is self-sufficient. The 5 Plans are just profit taking clues that traders especially newbies can use. Traders are advised to use a fixed lot size for every trade call. Please the lot-size you decide to use must be pre-determined before taking the trade alerts.

How many signals per day/week/month?

Signals are not guaranteed to come every day. On a signal day, there can be 1-4 signals. Average weekly signal number is 6. You can get 4-12 triggered signals per week and 20-30 monthly triggered Signals.

Cost/Payment methods.

The full alert service costs $50 per month. Local currency payment costs #15000 monthly. Payment can be done through Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, Western Union, Direct bank Deposit via local transfer or WorldRemit.

Any Trials?

We often give trials for our new clients. We offered 2 months in August and September 2016 and another 2 months in May/June 2017. We will notify you when the next trial signals will be issued. Please mail us with the title: ‘Add me to the next trial’ or join our Telegram Channel for intraday free signals

Payment Details

To make payment, ask for details by contacting us below.
E-mail: with the title ‘Intraday Signals payment details’
Skype: @sanmiadeagbo
Telegram: @sanmiadeagbo / +2348134820569
Whatsapp: +2348134820569
Please tell us the payment method easy for you or any other alternatives if the ones listed above are not convenient.


Thanks for following our intraday signals for the past 16 months.

Sanmi Adeagbo

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Classic Elliott Wave Course - Training and Mentoring

Online trading is probably the most popular business and the most profitable that can be done on the INTERNET.

Despite the risk involved in it, the daily trading turnover is getting more huge and more people are getting involved in the act.

Over the years I have come to discover that, to win in Forex, Commodities or any other financial markets, there is a need to learn and learn.

Winning starts by identifying no-nonsense high probability trades and having the patience to run them through.

Winning is not about the number of trades, rather the number of quality trades and the patience and discipline to execute them.
One other thing__ good money management.

This blog, if it has shown anything, has proved that Elliott wave theory is the best markets forecasting tool that also provides opportunities to trade high probability trade set ups with well defined entry, targets and exit levels.

Let's look at a few of Elliott wave patterns that were posted on this blog.

Just recently, we spot an ending diagonal pattern on Gold daily chart. The diagonal was clearly formed at a well measured convergence point.

The article titled Gold Rally is imminent; how prepared are you? was posted on 21st December

Price has since risen to 1102 from 1065.85 (about 400 pips) is a move that is expected to continue upside.
If you read the whole article, you'd see that the diagonal pattern we traded was in line with the general expected price movement.

As price is expected to surge higher, we provided an alternative in the article titled Gold Expected Rally; An alternative view.

We are still on diagonal pattern.


The chart below was posted as part of our analysis on Gbpchf titled Gbpchf: The Long Term View

The diagonal pattern was not yet complete and we made a forecast of what is required for the completion.
Of course, price moved exactly as we wanted.

The pattern completed at the region we forecast and what next? We sold and send trade recommendation to our subscribers.

The chart below shows how price responded to the pattern formation.

We made 700pips out of this move risking only 280pips. Is this for real? Absolutely!

Let's look at another interesting diagonal we traded.

#Gbpjpy and #Usdjpy.

Infact, if you have followed all the diagonals we discussed, your accounts should be smilling.

Read articles that show the power of the diagonal. Please take your time and check what happened after the formation on your chart.
Here we go:

On 13th August 2015. An article titled Gbpjpy: When will the bears take over?

On August 23, 2015. Read article titled What drive the diagonals?

At a time , we were posting intra day analysis of some currency pairs. Look at how we follow the price till we get a diagonal and how price reacted to it. Click here

What about Euraud rally after the diagonal.... an article posted on 8th June 2015

.....and an intra day ending diagonal on Gbpusd trade on  22nd February 2015

Before I go; what about the recent one we sent on Audnzd?... Are you among those that received the signal?

Read it here


Let's look at another pattern...The Zigzag

The ones that easily come to my mind are the recent ones on AudJpy and GbpJpy (double zigzag)


This was spotted on AudJpy on December 2, 2015. The x wave was a clear zigzag pattern, though we didn't zoom to a lower time frame to show its constituent waves.

We sent the signals to our subscribers. The pattern was clear and price respected it.

GbpJpy was more interesting. We forecast the  pattern and the requirements for us to consider a sell trade. Price did exactly as we have forecast and BOOM!...... Our subscribers enjoyed this most.

The good thing is the risk/reward ratio, we only risked 280pips.

There are so many zigzag and double zigzag patterns we mentioned on this blog.

Just type 'zigzag' or 'zigzag pattern' in the blog's search box at the top right and read many other zigzag patterns. Read the requirements and if price responded. Where price responded, check the outcome on your chart.

Elliot waves theory has 5 core tradeable patterns.
Others are
Triangles... Read our exploits on Eurusd on 4th August 2015 (click the date to read)
The flat pattern. Example is the Usdcad buy set on 27th October 2015

and  the non-overlapping 5-wave pattern generally known as Impulse wave ( probably the most popular elliott wave pattern)
An example... read the forecast on June 22 2015 and the outcome on July 13, 2015

Do you need more recent examples?. Check the following pattern setups I discusses at AtoZForex.

1. 500 Pips dip in USDCAD
2. 500 Pips dip in USDJPY
3. 800 Pips rally in EURJPY
4. 700 Pips rally in Gold
5. 1200 Pips rally in GBPCAD
6. 600 Pips dip in CADJPY
7. 250 Pips in EURUSD

There are many more that we spotted this year. These are high rewarding and high probable trade setups that GUARANTEE success.

If only one can be patient for these patterns to complete, they are very reliable.

Why You Should Consider Trading Elliot Wave Patterns

1. They are very reliable if all the rules and guideline are kept. Are they perfect? No. The winning ratio is at an average of 70% i.e you will win 70% of your trades if you can recognize 'textbook-like' clear Elliot wave patterns like the examples I gave above.

2. They can compliment other trading systems like Price Action, Chart patterns and harmonic patterns.

3. They can be confirmed by your set of indicators to give you more confidence.

4. Minimum risk/reward ratio is 1:2. You will always win more dollars when you win than the dollars you lose in a losing trade provided you risk a fixed dollar value for each trade.

5. Elliott wave patterns are best traded at demand and supply levels so support and resistance traders will find them useful.

6. If you go further in the study , Elliott wave theory can be used as a forecasting tool for any market, be it commodities, currencies, energies, stocks, indices, real estate, Etfs or strategies that can be used to trade options, binary options e.t.c

7. They can be used for long term, swing and intra day trades. I do more of long term and swing. They are perfect for intraday trades as  well.

In fact, every serious trader should learn how to trade with Elliot wave theory.

Okay, enough of story.

In other to get the valuable skill of spotting these patterns, you should join us and get access to be a part of a growing community of successful traders who use Elliott wave theory the way it's used by professional and expert traders and fund managers.


The outline of the Classic Elliott wave Wave Training/Mentorship course is highlighted below.

1. Basic tenets of  Elliott wave theory (EWT)
2. Rules and guidelines
3. The 5 core Elliott wave patterns briefly.
4. Trend Patterns in details (with rules and guidelines)
5. Corrective patterns in details (with rules and guidelines)
6. Fibonacci ratios in price and time
7. Ratio relationship of trend patterns
8. Ratio relationship of corrective patterns
9. The role of support and resistance and trend line analysis in support of Elliott wave patterns.
10. Reversal signals with candlestick patterns and indicators.
11. Momentum analysis and divergence.
12. How to trade the 5 core patterns
  • Specific entry levels
  • Profit targets
  • How to set stop loss
  • How to exit a trade
  • How to adjust stop loss with respect to market conditions
  • How to take sequential profits
13. Trade and Risk management. Risk/reward ratio analysis.
14. Relationship between Elliot wave patterns and harmonic patterns and how to use them together.
15. How to use Elliot wave to confirm chart patterns

And many more.

At the end of the programme, you will have gained the better knowledge of the markets and how to wait for the right set ups.

You will learn how not to panic.


 Get the course breakdown HERE


The training will last for 1 month. Live sessions come 4 times a week. Live sessions will be through webinars recorded for participants to download and watch again and again. This also comes with video tutorials that were well recorded to explain Elliott wave theory and other supporting technical tools and methods.

1 Month for Live training.
Total Duration: 1 month.
Cost: $250 / #50000

Starting Date: 18th July 2017 Ending date: 19th August 2017

For payment details and more information contact below:

Whatsapp: +2348134820569
Telegram: @sanmiadeagbo / +2348134820569
Skype: @sanmiadeagbo

Sunday, May 7, 2017

It's time again. Get Free Intraday Forex Alerts for 1 month

Are you in need of Intraday Forex signals to grow your account?. Our premium intraday forex signals service is the answer. Join for free for May

This Signals strategy follows the immediate trend to ride on potential immediate market moves.


  It covers all major and cross pairs.
    The profit target is at 3 different levels.
    Target 1 at 1:1 R/R, Target 2 at 1:2 R/R and Target 3 at 1:3 R/R
    An average 70% winners.
    15-40 signals/alerts per month.
    An average of 500-1000 pips monthly.
    Most orders are pending orders, that allows you at least 5 minutes to prepare yourself.
    Most signals are sent between London Opening and New York Closing
    Stop loss per single trade between 25 and 100 Pips or slightly more
    Profits per single trade from 25 Pips to 300 Pips or more

  Cost: $50 monthly. Free for this month.

Don't miss this opportunity.

You can subscribe if you are satisfied with the result after the trials.

Join the free Telegram channel HERE

Please note that this service is not influenced by Elliott wave theory.

Please comment your questions below of forward to

Saturday, April 8, 2017

3 Months Classic E-wave Training and Mentoring

Classic Elliott wave Course

The Classic Elliott wave course will expose you to how to trade the markets professionally and expertly for as long as you want to. This is not a course for Analyst but for Traders who want to use Elliott wave theory as a trading system. Knowing how to use the theory with other technical tools is surely very profitable in the short and long term.

1. The Basics of Elliott wave theory and Fibonacci ratio analysis.

This session will teach the basic tenets of Elliott wave theory and Fibonacci ratio analysis and how experts use them to identify trends and correction in any markets.
   Duration: 5 Live sessions
   Video Tutorials
   Projects and Assignments

2. The best 7 classic wave patterns to trade.

In this session, you will learn how to identify 7 classic, profitable and highly probable Elliott wave patterns. This patterns lead to trade setups that give more than 1:3 R/R per trade. These patterns are the real deal. I have recognized, traded and respected these patterns for many years. Let me teach you how to spot them.
                                                                 Duration: 3 days
 Lectures: 3 Live sessions
  Video Tutorials
  Assignments and  project
  Live trade examples

3. Price Reversal Zone Theory

Classic wave patterns often complete at pre-calculated price levels (zones) before reversals. These zones are calculated before time and price respects them a lot.
This session teaches how to measure and calculate these zones using a combination of 3 highly effective technical tools.I will reveal these tools to you.
   Duration: 2 days
   Lectures: 2 live sessions
   Video Tutorials
   1 Assignment

4. Price Reversal Maturity

   This session will teach you a simple method I use to measure where and when price will get weakened and reverse or correct. Once these patterns complete at reversal regions,it's important to know if price is ready to reverse or continue. This is the tool I use. I have searched all over. I haven't seen any Elliott wave course that incorporates this. I am still surprised at how such an effective tool is ignored. This has been an effective tool over the year. I never ignore this. I usually lose when I do. This tool increases the odds of winning in your favor. It's not part of the Elliott wave theory. It's a trading system on its own and it works very well with these patterns. It's amazing.
   Duration: 1 day
   Lectures: 1 live session
   Video tutorial.

5. Price reversal patterns

This session teaches the 3 simple reversal patterns (not Elliott wave pattern) that I use to spot reversals once 1-4 above are set. Once price is set to reverse or correct based on sessions 1-4, this set of tools is the final on the list and it's the trigger tool.
   Duration: 2 days
   Lectures: 2 Live sessions

6. Entry/Exit strategy

This session teaches 3 simple entry strategies I use depending on market condition. My intention is  to get in as early as possible and stay as long as possible
   3 Simple strategies for each setup pattern
   How to get in early and stay long for a minimum of 1:3 R/R
   How to get out of a losing trade early
   Duration: 1 day
   Lectures: 1 Live session

7. Trade Management

   How to risk a fixed % of your account on each trade
   Stop loss adjustment method
   How to ride on a winner for more than 1:4 R/R 

   Duration : 2 days
   Session:   2 live sessions

The training period will last for 1 month. Live sessions come 4 times a week. Live sessions will be recorded for participants to watch and watch again and those who miss a class. This also come with video tutorials that were well recorded to explain Elliott wave theory and other supporting technical tools and methods.

1 Month for Live training.
2 Months Mentoring to apply all these on Live account.
Total Duration: 3 months.

Period of training: 24th April - 19th May 2017

Cost of training and mentoring : $250

Group Bookings/Enrollment

Group of 3: $500

Group of 5: $800 

This is the last time the course will be going this cheap.

Next Training /Mentoring starts in July and the cost will be $500. If you miss this, you will have to join next session in July. So hurry up.

To register, send a mail to or register below.

Please register below and we will contact you with the training schedule and the payment details.


* indicates required

Sunday, March 5, 2017

6-10 March Elliott wave trade setups : Launching my trading room.

Last week, we saw good moves in the market. USD strength, Aussie, NZD weakness. Toward the end of the trading week, there was good bullish moves for EURUSD. It looks like currency pairs like GBPUSD, NZDUSD have complete good cycle downside with imminent rallies. These are some of the thinks I discussed in the video below.

Prices move in patterns which are recognizable and are in simple ratios to another. Some of the most accurate of these patterns are covered by Elliott wave theory. Knowing how to recognize these patterns is a valuable technical skill that can help to have an edge over the market. This is a proven time-tested fact.

You can join me as we hunt these patterns and take good trades together. You can also watch the previous video below and see how price reacted later.

To win and win consistently, you need a system that has a base in a trading methodology like the Elliott wave theory. With proper management , risking a fixed percentage of your account on each trade and focusing on one time frame for your entry, you will definitely be successful.

That's what profitable trading career requires- Grit, Patience and Hardwork

Have you watched my video on how to risk a fixed % of your account on each trade?. The video below explains how to do just that and give yourself a winning advantage.

If you like the model of winning I discussed in the video above, you can just join me in my trading room starting this month with my premium subscribers.


Whatsapp/Telegram: +2348134820569

You can also join my free Telegram channel for regular updates on the Forex markets and Elliott wave theory. That's where you get my updates fastest.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

27 February-3 March Elliott wave analysis for major currency pairs.

The market is just few hours to opening for the last week of February 2017 and we look at what should be expected this week based on Elliott wave analysis.

The video below covers the major currency pairs- EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, NZDUSD. Follow up, subscribe to my YouTube channel and Telegram channel for regular updates.

Join the Telegram channel for regular updates. I will see you next mid-week for an update video.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Elliott wave trade setups and management of some currency pairs.

It is very important that an Elliott wave trader is able to identify core wave patterns that provide trading opportunities with wide risk/reward ratio. As much as identifying a setup is astute trade management.

Elliott wave helps us to manage our opened positions so as to know when and how to exit a trade. It's probably the best and most effective trade methodology that can be used my a market technician.
The video below shared some of these classic Elliott wave patterns and how I managed them with my Elliott wave students and Elliott wave setup subscribers.

I know you are definitely going to find this interesting. Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube and Telegram channels. On my Telegram channels from this week and for the next 4 weeks, I will be sharing with you, some of these setups I spot. There will also be video updates on Youtube. Make sure you don't miss out.

Let me know what you think by your comments below.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Another 1000 PIPS in January! In just 2 weeks!

What a story!. Made another 1055 Pips in January 2017 when many are losing- and in just 2 weeks of trading. This summed to 3200 Pips in the last 3 months our Intraday signal service was launched.

 Don't be left behind as our Premium Intraday Forex Signals and trade alerts/updates subscribers smile to the bank for the third month in a row- since November 2016 that we started.

January 2017 result breakdown.

Signal 1: Audnzd buy -- TP 2 hit at 68 pips
Signal 2: Euraud sell-- TP 3 hit at 204 pips
Signal 3: Audchf buy-- TP 3 hit at 114 pips
Signal 4: Gbpusd Sell-- TP 1 hit at 73 pips.
Signal 5: Gbpjpy Sell-- Close at a loss of -36pips
Signal 6: Gbpnzd Sell-- Closed at profit of 38 pips
Signal 7: Gbpcad Sell-- Closed at breakeven
Signal 8: Audnzd Buy -- Cancelled
Signal 9: Usdjpy Sell -- Stop loss hit at -79pips
Signal 10: Usdcad Sell-- Cancelled
Signal 11: Cadjpy Sell-- Stop loss hit at -49pips
Signal 12: Eurjpy Sell-- Cancelled
Signal 13: EurnzdSell-- TP 2 hit at 138pips
Signal 14: Eurgbp sell- Tp 1 hit for 72 pips
Signal 15: Gbpchf buy: TP 2 hit for 165 pips
Signal 16: Gbpjpy buy: TP 2 hit for 245 pips
Signal 17 Audnzd sell: Tp 1 hit 42 pips
Signal 18 Euraud buy: Cancelled.
Signal 19 Eurnzd sell: Closed at breakeven
Signal 20: Usdcad sell: Cancelled
Signal 21: Gbpaud buy: Cancelled
Signal 22: Eurcad : Closed manually at -32 pips loss
Signal 23: Usdcad sell: Tp 1 hit at 92 pips

Number of Trade signals sent : 23
Number of Trade signals triggered: 17
Number of Trade signals cancelled: 6
Total Wins: 11
Total Losses: 4
Breakeven: 2
Winning %: 70.5% 

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Friday, January 20, 2017

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Signal performance.
 November2016 result: +1559 pips. Read more
 December 2017 result: +785 Pips
 January 2017 result: 10th January to 13th January shown below

 1. Audnzd buy TP 2 hit at +68 pips
2. Euraud sell TP 3 hit at +204 pips
3. Audchf buy TP 3 hit at +114 pips
4. Sell Gbpusd TP 1 hit at +73 pips. (order to close at Breakeven)
5. Sell Gbpjpy.Close at a loss of -36pips
6. Sell Gbpnzd. Closed at profit of +38 pips
7. Sell Gbpcad: Closed at breakeven
8. Buy Audnzd —— Cancelled
9. Sell Usdjpy... Stop loss hit at -79pips
10. Sell Usdcad..... Cancelled
11. Sell Cadjpy.. Stop loss hit at -49pips
12. Sell Eurjpy....Cancelled
13. Sell Eurnzd... TP 2 hit at +138pips (ongoing)

This was just a week result. 6 wins out of 9 and 3 cancelled. We didn't send signals in the third week of January because of many events in the week.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

EURUSD and GBPUSD trade set-up

The charts below show typical bearish trade opportunities for EURUSD and GBPUSD using Elliott wave analysis.



Read more about the analysis and trade set-up HERE

Monday, January 2, 2017

EURGBP classic bearish opportunity

Last year, 2016, was a successful year trading-wise. There were wins and loses as there would always be. But the wins outweighed the loses in number and in size. In spite of an average 61% wins (on 1:2 R/R), there were still mistakes made. The classic Elliott wave patterns, if well used with other tools, can produce more than 60% (human errors inclusive) on 1:2 R/R. That is our edge.

What to expect from us in 2017

We will make sure it's possible for you to track all our trade set-ups this year and also take advantage of them. You will also learn how to trade these set-ups to win in the long run. There will be trading lessons on Elliott wave, technical analysis, trade management, mentoring etc that will ensure that you will not only win at the end of 2017, but also learn skills to do it on your own.


Do we have the first trade set-up of the year?

EURGBP is our first trade set-up of the year. The rally in the last weeks of 2016 ensures the completion of  FLAT pattern wave iv.

EURGBP Elliott wave daily chart


The chart above shows that price is about completing the first leg (wave a) of what could be a Zigzag pattern after a long term impulse rally that was seen in most of 2016. Wave a is expected to complete the decline. Presently, having completed a Flat pattern as shown below, there is a high likelihood of a bearish move to 0.81-0.82.

EURGBP bearish opportunity?

EURGBP Elliott wave hourly chart

This Flat pattern will be violated if price rallies above 0.867 (stop loss). This is our first opportunity of the year and we gladly share with you. More to come as we ride the waves together in 2017.

Please drop your comments below.

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