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I have been a forex trader for a while. There were times when I solely depend on indicators, you need to see how heavy my chart was. I was confused day-by-day and I changed from one strategy to the other. No concistent result, instead I wasted a few accounts. I was frustrated and took a time from forex. I thought it wasn't real and those claiming to be successful were scammers.

I started learning price action trading systems and I began to see the mind of great traders, why they trade what they trade. I began to recognise levels to watch out for. I learnt how the market react to these levels

It was then I realised forex market is a very organised market. You need to be well harmed to be successfulI proceeded to learning how and where to place stop loss and target profits; how to exit a loosing trade; profit and loss management; risk/reward ratio and how to accumulate profits.

If you are reading this, and you have been in my shoes or are in it presently, you will understand how frustrating forex can be

I had a breakthrough when I subscibed to a course online anchored by a man called Hector Deville.Hector is not only a profitable full-time trader but a good trainer too. This course contained a lot of videos and discussed about 5 different powerful and highly profitable simple systems.

I learnt why market react the way they do, what to expect from the market, how to snipe it and come out profitably more times with a risk reward ratio of 1:2 at least. I learnt how to keep a trading journal, how to manage risk, how to manage my profits and how to manage my losses ( many don't understand this).

I studied this course very well and I chose one strategy out of this five, modified it to suit me, and that is the basis of my analysis on this blog.I have traded actively with this strategy and make an average of 850pips on a monthly basis trading 1-2 hours daily. I have a job I keep, I trade forex part-time and I still trade very profitably.
Perhaps, when I decide to trade full time, I will incorporate other strategies discussed in the course
For people who want to learn profitable forex systems that experts and profitable traders use, here we go....Let me take you through Hector Deville course.

 First, Hector explains the theory behind all his strategies: how they work, why they work, what principles they are based on, what to do in order to trade them and how to do it. It is important that you understand the reasoning behind a system so you can take your trading decisions with the full awareness of what's going on behind the curtains, he walks you through the method step by step, so you can follow him all the way along the video presentation.

Then he shows you a video where he applied that same trading strategy in a live trade recorded in real time! You will see absolutely everything: entry levels, stop loss, exit levels, potential risks of the trade, partial exit levels, etc. As the trade unfolds in real time, he explains how he manages the trade and the logics behind taking this or that trading decision. Literally, it's as if you were watching him trade live over his shoulders as he "comments" on the trade all the way through! 

Let’s face it!Whether you are new to forex or you’ve been trading forex before, you need to sustain consistent profitability.

The 3 SMA Trend-Riding StrategyThis strategy is essentially what was taught in Hector’s original Hector Trader course. It uses 3 simple moving averages to define dynamic areas of support and resistance, which when combined with a good trend gives you extremely accurate entries in the direction of the trend.                                                                      This strategy is easy to learn, and it works on virtually all timeframes and currencies.The 3SMA Trading System consists of 21videos, 6:46hrs, and it is Swing trading in its purest form and allows you to trade all 28 currency pairs with a wide range to choose from

The London Open Breakout SystemIn this module Hector teaches a price action based breakout strategy, not the typical mechanical set of rules that most people use to trade the London open. I have not personally tested this strategy (because the London open is at an inconvenient time for me due to my nature of job), but I went through the modules and it definitely seems very profitable. Good for full time traders who can watch early london opensHere is what you get in this system
  20 videos (6:30 hours total)(Daily box indicator, average true range and round number indicators)• Intraday trading system.• Early morning trades (2 hours a day).• Applicable to EUR and GBP crosses.• 50 to 100 pips per trade.

The Market Flow Strategy In this module Hector teaches a number of strategies that are based on price action and support & resistance and like the 3SMA system it works on most timeframes and currency pairs and it generates trading opportunities with very good risk/reward ratiosMARKET FLOW MODULE contains 20 videos (5 hours total) (magic bar indicator, average true range and Daily Box indicator)• Intraday trading system.• Trades all around the clock.• Applicable to any currency pair.• Aims for small, quick trades.

The Part-Time TraderThe part time trader is without a doubt my most favourite strategy in the course. In this module Hector teaches how to trade well known price action strategies like pin bars and inside bars at key levels on the daily charts with exact entry and exit strategies and many live trade examples. There are many fulltime traders who use this exact strategy, so I highly recommend that you don’t skip this one. PART TIME TRADING MODULE contains 20 videos (8 hours total)• Only 20 minutes( i spend 1-2 hours so as to update this blog) a day is enough.• Perfect for traders with full-time jobs.• Relaxed and stress-free trading pace.• Profit potential (100 to 300 pips) per trade

The News trading SystemIn this module Hector teaches a unique technique for trading news releases with price action. I haven’t really tried this strategy yet, but it’s definitely an interesting system that seems to be quite profitable.NEWS TRADING MODULE-13 videos (4 hours total)• High-momentum trading.• Blend technicals and fundamentals.• Exploit the news extra volatility,Ultra-fast trades                                                                                                    MONEY MANAGEMENT SCIENCE MODULE                                                 13 videos (5 hours total)• Correlation indicator.• Money Management indicator.• Sequential Exits indicator.• Shows you how to systematically protect your trading capital from being wiped out.

ADVANCE FOREX INDICATORS MODULE• Trend Scanner Indicator (shows currency pairs that are trending in real time.)• Forex Currency Index Indicator (shows currencies gaining or loosing strength across the board and how strongly so.)• Tutorial video on how to install them.• Tutorial video on how to trade with them.• These Indicators alone can be used to make a steady income stream over time.  In addition, a set of advanced indicators that are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. You can definitely trade without any of these custom indicators, but the forex currency index and trend scanner indicators can be really helpful when you are looking for extra confirmations before entering trades.The benefit you will derive from this trading course is a sound understanding of how the market works. You will have all you need to make sound trading decisions that will ensure that you are trading successfully for years to come.All Indicators Are Real Time Indicators: They are not lagging indicators
The training program is valued at $497 which is about N80, 000 or more please, (CHECK: but i am giving it away for just 8,000 naira only for a very limited time.

Send a message of interest to 08134820569 or call between 7-10 p.m anyday and I will send it to you via any transport company close to you in Nigeria..( This offer is only for Nigerians) 

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