Monday, April 28, 2014

Gbpchf Analysis for the last week of April

Wow!...What more can I say on this pair?. Consistently for more than two months, I have been able to follow this pair and predict its movement almost perfectly

I predicted a level for bearish run last week and Gchf moved down significantly from that level and presently, I am on 90pips plus. I will hold my sell till am convinced not to do so after taking profits at two different levels of the recent bearish correction move.

I see this move as a correction move which could still extend to 1.4725-1.4745 before the bullish move continues. Should this pair reach this level and bounce off....we should be ready for a big bullish move to 1.4900 and beyond.

With the analytical chart below, someone might have a clearer picture.

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