Thursday, April 10, 2014

GbpUsd might decline to resume another bullish BOOM

This pair is clearly trending up. According to my analysis, we might have a dip at any of these levels for a significant bearish retracement
1. 1.6820
2. 1.6885
3. 1.702-3
Presently, the cable is forming the possible retracement at 1.6820 to further push up to 1.702 and I would trade it if the momentum is well trending.

1.667-8 could be a realistic target if this is a real corrective reversal to push up to 1.702 as I earlier mentioned.

 The analytical chart below showed my parameters @ 1.6820


  1. who traded the upward boom??...I forgot to update...sorry

  2. it was a double profit for me...220 pips in total


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