Thursday, May 15, 2014


Seriously,this pair is looking so good to me with elliot waves and swing patterns forming into place. After having a ride up with beautiful pips, I predicted a dip on 8th May, you can read here

Though I didn't trade this dip and those that traded should be enjoying their trades now if their stop loss was not too close. They still have the opportunity to ride to 1.074 or thereabout for minimum of 80pips (that isn't bad at all).

But I see a new buy interest at the level 1.076 -1.073 and a great bull ride should continue from there. This zone is very magnetic with a potential deep ABC correction/bat pattern.

I will watch out for price action at this level and anticipate a bullish set up with my entry strategy. You can also watch out for this level.

Get the feel with the analytical chart below

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