Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Result for the month of May

Total number of trades: 9
Won trades: 5
Half winner: 1
Lost trades:2
Breakeven: 1

Results in pips:

Won trades:
Gpbaud: +350pips
Audnzd: +150 pips
Eurnzd: +250 pips
Euraud: +200pips
Gbpusd: +120 pips
Total pips: +1070

Lost trades:
Audnzd: -25pips
Usdchf: -75pips
Gbpaud: -1pip ( break even)
Total pips lost: -101pips

Net pips: +960pips

Running trade: UsdJpy closed half trade with 45pips, second part running at breakeven

I hope next month will be better than this

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