Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Usdcad bearish correction on the book.

Usdcad will not stop spinning pips for me..Will it?. After another 160 pips cashed all out, this pair is is inviting for another ride....bearish ride!. 

In my last post, where i traded the end of wave 4 at the break of the channel to ride up. I projected a level for end of wave 5 which has been penetrated and market is moving back very fast. 

What I am expecting now is a bearish correction before the bullish run will continue.

The problem now is that, I am late for this market and I will wait for a retracement after today's daily candle formation.

 I will be expecting price at 1.100 which will be my target in some days or few weeks. Patience is the key, isn't it?

More updates coming soon.

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