Monday, November 24, 2014

Gold Update: Emerging Intraday Ending Diagonal

As part of the bullish reversal in Gold, I discussed an end of wave 5 formation on 11th November and I followed it with a buy order which went well. 

I posted intraday price updates on 13th November and 17th November which all went well to support the bullish move.

The general trend is still down. The recent bullish move is a typical ABC correction format and in short time, price should crash downward.

Presently, the C leg of the ABC correction is forming an ending diagonal which should complete at resistance zone (1210- 1230), a 161.8% extension of A from B. 

If price gets to this region and breaks below the support zone of the diagonal, then we could see a real move downward in a 5-wave motive move to 1000. 

I will update you here as we get more action from price

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