Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Usdcad Party....How does it fair?

In the month of October, Usdcad really gave me many pips and I predicted its move almost perfectly with an incredible timing , entries and exits; maximizing almost all the up and down moves

This success story started on 6th July when I predicted a long term bullish move and I have been able to consistently follow through. Markets are really structured.

In the month of October alone,I took a short move on 6th October, 15th October; long moves on 10th October and the recent one on 31st October which could take us to 1.1500.

Each short move I took, I still had it in me that the general trend is up until price proves me wrong. 

I expect the recent upmove to rest at 1.1500 ( though my stop loss is a bit below) where the impulsive 5-wave move cold end for a bearish correction 

I will watch how price wants to play out and will update you. Till then let me enjoy the party!

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