Monday, June 22, 2015

Audnzd Update

On 10th June, we did an analysis titled Audnzd preparing for a new bullish move. We were willing to take a buy trade at 1.0815 with final target at 1.127. 

We did and price advanced very fast. 



In the last analysis, we used the chart above which showed a systematic impulsive dip that started toward the end of 2010 and ended in march around 1.0 price level.


Price advanced immediately after the completion of the fifth wave  in what was expected to be the first impulsive move of a major correction. 

This move was expected to end at 1.2770 ( the present price level).


The recent bullish move is a typical motive wave and a pull back is expected as price should advance to 1.2 region.

The chart below shows the first impulsive move of the correction.




1.300 ( a strong resistance) and 1.1475 ( 100% projection of wave 1-3 from 4) are good levels of reversal. 

Price is not expected to break above 1.1475 before the intraday bearish movement starts.


From the intraday chart below, we'll see that price could still move a bit upside, probably above 1.300 before turning to the south. 1.1475 should be held above. 



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