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How To Trade Elliot Wave Patterns

Elliot wave theory has proved time and time again how effective it could be in determining market direction. 


Not only does it have high confident trading patterns to watch out for in any time frame and any market, but does have the ability to forecast market movement.... every bit of it!.

From the super fast tick chart to monthly time frame chart, its effectiveness is superb. 

As for the elliot wave counting and analysis,a chart can be analysed by 10 analysts and all having different counting . 

Until patterns are completed, counting is usually controversial.


I have seen some fellow elliot wave students who, after seeing how I labelled my charts and analyzed, showed me something different. 


They get confused and perhaps scared that their counts may be wrong after all. I always told them 'until a pattern is completed, the counts are adjustible and no correct count is tradable until price confirmation'. 

So how does price confirms wave counts? It does in PATTERNS. 


Elliot wave patterns confirmed by some technical tools are very profitable. They are  not perfect though. 

Time spent on sieving out these patterns is worth it.

  In any time frames or markets; once spotted and confirmed by few technical tools, are very powerful and profitable. Their profitability is highly probable.


One of the reasons for the failure of an elliot wave trader can be traced to 'trading the wave count' instead of the patterns.

So it is important to trade the patterns and not the wave count. Price responds to patterns and not the count. 


Infact, often times, when the pattern formed is against the wave count in a particular direction; price is speaking to us to analyse the count in an alternative way.

Let me give an example to nail my point.

On 23rd June, I posted an analysis here. 

Before that time, I have made known how I had a short term bullish bias on Eurusd, after reading from the charts with the help of elliot wave theory that the bullish movement that started in mid-march is corrective in nature.

 I saw a double zigzag in advance.


Price rallied from leg X of the prospective double zig zag pattern after a 'zigzag' dip from W to complete the first leg of Y.

 After few days, price went into congestion and form a typical triangle pattern.

Prior to all these, I was already in a bullish position after the completion of a zigzag pattern at X. 

At the break above the triangle, I closed 50% of my position and added another 50% to take to 1.175 and put the two stop loss at the base of the triangle. 


After that action, I posted an analysis here titled Intraday triangle in eurusd . An intra day triangle pattern as shown below.




 Price continued to consolidate and later moved in a way that is not typical of a triangle pattern breakout (price has a way it reacts before and after the completion of a pattern). 


After some time, price invalidates the triangle by forming a new pattern. The ending diagonal!. 


When I saw this pattern, I closed all my positions in good profits, though final target was far from being reached.

I did a new analysis and I shared here. The title was 'Eurusd in a bearish net'

For this, I also had an alternative double zig zag pattern which is a corrective pattern. 


The pointer is bearish and I entered a bearish position against my elliot wave count   (the expected double zigzag) which I closed at 350 pips risking 125pips.

I closed this trade because of the long term circumstance surrounding the pattern I traded.

If the pattern was a diagonal, the bearish trend could set to resume, but if it was a double zigzag, the bullish move is meant to continue. 


Diagonals signal change in trend or an imminent correction. Zigzag patterns appear in the middle of the trend and signal trend continuation.

The chart below was the one I posted.



 While many were reading about how Greek bailout went in europe, elliot wave traders were reading trader's psychological response to the event as shown by price in patterns. 

During the period, I have raked in 650pips. Not bad.


It's very easy to manage trades from execution to exit. That's what makes elliot wave a complete methodology. 

Though reading waves in charts are very profitable, elliot wave traders should always trade patterns formed.

To be successful as an elliot wave trader, one should note the following.

1. Know the basic tenets of elliot waves. They are not difficult.

2. Understand the formation of elliot wave patterns and their specific behaviours. (There are 11 patterns)

3. Know how to confirm the patterns with other technical tools.

4. Trade the patterns you understand most.

5.Understand how price reacts to a pattern after completion. This is to avoid 'pattern roll over'. 

Pattern roll over is my special term for a situation where a pattern, instead of fulfilling its potential, turns to another pattern i.e when a pattern spotted is not real but part of a larger frame pattern or wave count.

 I usually exit my position when I discover this and watch what forms next.

Elliot wave pattern is not the holy grail but, if well used, is profitable.

You can learn how to identify these patterns by picking up books on elliot waves.






                                       WHAT YOU WILL LEARN.


1. The basic tenets of elliot waves theory.

2. How to spot my three favourite elliot wave patterns. These patterns have made me feel very comfortable while trading. They are just very reliable.

3. How to confirm with simple technical tools. 

These technical tools can even be adopted as a system. Many people I shared with went on to neglect the patterns and focus on this technical tools. 

When combined together with these patterns, you can trade with confidence.

4. Specific entry level for each pattern. You will not pick tops or bottoms, but learn specific levels to enter the market.

5. I will not bore you will too much of elliot wave stuffs, we will only discuss the formation and geometry of these patterns on any time frame and any market. No boring wave count.

6. You will learn how to manage your trade by understanding how price responds to each pattern.

7. You will learn how to spot profit taking levels.

8. You will learn when to run with your profits and cut down your loss.

9. You will learn how to use a simple money management model to take sequential profits and run with highly profitable trades just like I am doing with CadJpy now.


1. You will receive some of my elliot wave materials for general reading.

2. Lessons will be delivered each day (pdf) for you to download and read.

   First week :     General elliot waves studies

   Second week:   First pattern discussed 

   Third week:      Second pattern discussed

   Fourth week:      Third pattern discussed

   Fifth week:        Supporting technical tools

   Sixth Week:     Live trade examples

3.   For each lesson there will be examples from past charts activities. For each lesson taught, all participants and I will brainstorm with many examples from the chart until the lesson is nailed.

4. Assignments will be given to all participants to label specific charts.

5. Participants will learn how to use Mt4/Mt5 analytical tools for easy analysis.

6. I will ensure to answer all questions in the best way I can.

7. Training will be delivered through a facebook secret group.

8. Many more that I plan to reveal and those I will end up revealing in the 'questions and answers' session.

Price of training: #10000  or  $70 only.


If you want to consider how much you have lost trading and how much you set to gain from the knowledge, then the fee is so small.


How to enroll.

1. Send an interest message to or to +2348134820569.

2. You will receive the payment details

3. Make payment and notify me.

4. Once your payment is confirmed, details on how to join the group will be sent to you.


IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, SEND TO or call +2348134820569.


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