Monday, July 13, 2015

Pattern Trading on AudNzd

One of my favourite elliot wave patterns is a well formed 5-wave impulsive move. 


A non-overlapping 5-wave decline or advance as discussed by elliot wave theory is my 'bread and butter'. 




The chart above was posted when I saw this pattern emerging on AudNzd on 22nd June in the article titled Audnzd Update


After the completion of this pattern, a correction was expected. It was not surprising as price dipped fast.

The fifth wave of this pattern also formed a 5-wave pattern which allowed me to put a sell entry at 1.1325 with stop loss of 120 pips. 


It was a very sweet trade and I closed my position making 300pips as a correction is expected upside.



It was a perfect textbook pattern which doesn't happen all the time. It is a high probability trade, not a perfect one. 


It is one of the three patterns I intend to share with the participants of my 6-weeks intensive online mentorship course.


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Another pattern that will be taught was seen on Euraud. It was another textbook pattern . Read it above.

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