Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Short Term Analysis of Cable.

After a long move downside over a long period of time, Cable finally reversed at 1.455 and we are getting close to know how the resultant bullish move could turn to play out. 

Viewing the bullish move through elliot wave binoculars, it's clear that the long term bearish move might not have concluded. What the chart is showing us presently is that price is correcting.

What pattern of correction?. We get the answer from elliot wave.

Many elliot wave analysts will definitely have different view on the counts, but what I see from my angle here is correction. The correction might not be over though as price can still proceed the bullish movement.

The first bullish move from 1.455 was clearly a 5-wave impulsive move. Price corrected in a zigzag pattern to 1.51. The continuation of the bullish move followed to 1.59 in a movement one might  think would be a motive move, but was a corrective zigzag. 

When we see consecutive zigzag patterns in a particular trend, high possibilities are there that it's a corrective move of the larger trend.

The pattern forming in advance counld be a RUNNING FLAT , a 3,3,5 corrective pattern. The prospective Flat started at 1.58 and could end at 1.51 or 1.49 regions. We are in the last leg of this pattern in a clearly forming 5-wave impulsive dip. cable is expected to dip to this region where we can set to look for a trading opportunity.





Of course, price can move in many other ways. 

The way I analysed is just one of them. I always like making a way I expect the price of any market to move. If it doesn't move that way, I think of another. 

But my way of thinking is directed toward the completion of an elliot wave pattern. 

Why won't I when it's such reliable?

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