Monday, November 23, 2015

All Eyes On GbpChf

In the last update on Gbpchf, (read) we were expecting price to rally in 3-wave to complete an ending diagonal which is meant to be the wave C of a larger degree flat corrective pattern.

It was maintained that
If price is contained below 1.5600 and breaks below the trendline connecting wave 2 and 4 of the diagonal, there will be an opportunity to put a long term sell order to ride to 1.38 and below.
 With a probable completion of the pattern, there is a high likelihood of a long term bearish move especially if price is maintained below 1.56.

A conservative long term trader can look for a bearish opportunity as price breaks below 1.4800 ( i.e the wave2-4 trendline)

An aggressive short term trader may enter earlier at the break of  1.5350 to ride to 1.4950 and below 1.4800.

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