Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gold: At The Brink of a Wild Fall?

In our previous post on Gold, we identified an emerging terminating pattern and gave the condition for us to consider the validation of the pattern. Read the analysis HERE

The chart above was one the charts we used.

See what we have now.

We zoomed closer to the terminating pattern more than the whole pattern.

The pattern is completed just exactly as we forecast and at the exact price level thereby completing the first phase.

A break below the diagonal line should confirm a good entry with targets at 1306.6 and 1250.65 or thereabout.

1.370 is looking like the barrier/ceiling to hold this pattern. A break above might stretch it and render invalid.

These are the types of pattern you will spot when you learn how to use the Elliott wave theory to trade any market in any time frame.

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