Thursday, July 28, 2016

Two Breakout Trade Opportunities: Nzdcad and AudJpy

In the last couple of days, we have been looking at two cross currency pairs, Nzdcad and AudJpy for trading opportunities. The right patterns were identified and the entry strategy was drawn- The breakout entry strategy.

1. Nzdcad

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At the breakout of the sub-wave (ii) channel, there is a a good likelihood that price will head downward to continue the intra-day bearish trend. 0.89 has been identified as a probable level to look forward to.

2. Audjpy

In our trading room, we had a good opportunity to buy this pair but had to close it at few pips above our entry/breakeven after so much sporadic irregular move across Jpy pairs.
We decided to wait for the market to calm and the bullish move to be very clear before we enter again.

The chart below shows our entry strategy.

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There is a high likelihood that if price breaks out of this barrier successfully, 83.7 will be a good target,

Join us as we weigh our risk and make good profits by banking on high probability trading opportunities.

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