Friday, July 22, 2016

Usdcad: A Rising Triangle Pattern

So much for Usdcad since price started the pullback from a long term bearish move. The bullish pullback started in early May with a 3-wave drive which ended in late late May, the first indication of a Flat corrective pattern or one of the complex corrections.

Since late late, Price has been in a confined zone: the triangle.

In the last article, it was posted that a contrasting triangle was expected. Read our last three forecasts on Usdcad HERE .

Price, since the last forecast, has not violated the triangle pattern. The pattern now is more like a rising triangle as shown by the chart below.

This pattern, now in the advanced stage, is the B wave of the larger 3-wave correction and if completed should break upside to complete the last leg of the correction.

Price is expected to dip to the e-wave of the triangle and stay within its area. This is a pattern we will be following in our trading room.

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