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Complete Elliott Wave Training/Mentoring Course For All Traders

Are you always losing money back to the market? or may be:

1. You have lost so much money in the market.

2. You are always scared to open a position because you don't trust your system.

3. You make money but lose all to the market more quickly...and even lose more.

4. You are not consistent.

5. You lack a well defined system of trading.

6. You lack the mental attitude to handle profits and loses.

7. You lack money management skills for stability.    

                              8. Other similar problems.


You are always losing money and yes , you are frustrated. You wish to win but you don't just have the right tools and attitude to achieve your goals.

And you keep on regretting each moment of 'mistakes' and 'losses'

 You have thought over and over again to know what the problem is . You have tried to make things right. But things are getting just worse. 

Frustration and anger crept in and you thought of  "QUITTING".

Quitting is not the solution. There is a way out. 

 Perhaps you have not mastered how winning traders go about winning. 

You are like: 

" What!, of course I know....

1. Trading system

2.  Psychology 

3. Money management.... I have heard that over and over again"

Most times, winning starts with having a sound trading system that gives you an edge.

"You mean EDGE?" .... Yes Edge....

A winning trading system must be able to give you an average of 50% (minimum) winning trades on a minimum of 1:2 R/R or maybe 30-40% winners on a minimum of 1:3 R/R. Do your calculation very well, you will discover this is true. That's an EDGE

One thing you have to force into yourself is this "I don't need a system that wins all the time; I only need a system that gives me an edge"


If you take a survey of our forecasts on this blog or our other Forecast channels like our Telegram Currency channel  or  Telegram Commodity Channel, you will discover that we have an edge of a minimum average of 60% winning trades on 1:2 R/R. That's our edge and we have trained others who are doing very well.

 Once you have a trading system that gives you an edge, the next is learning MONEY MANAGEMENT. This is just very easy in theory but it takes the last factor -DISCIPLINE- to implement all these without hesitation.

DISCIPLINE can be learned by experience, having a mentor and working with other traders who use the same trading method as you.

And that is all there is to do to win consistently.

 Once this is done, you are on your way to financial freedom ...... With time you will enjoy your labour and even teach others.

  Back to the EDGE which is the starting point....... 

  There is a trading methodology which stems out of combination of technical tools that are century-old used by successful traders of different calibers including the hedge funds.

So we are presenting to you 2-months training and mentoring on this trading methodology which will ensure that you will never waste your money again.

 This training will only make you a techinal analyst and trader of any financial instrument, be it bonds, forex, stocks, etfs and commodities.

You will simply be a trading Titan

You will be a Market Wizard

Ok. Let's go to the course modules

Module 1:  Introduction

In this module, you will learn the basic tenets of Elliott wave theory. Nothing boring. Everything straight to the point

1.  Categories of Elliott waves.

2.       Motive waves (Introduction).

3.       Corrective Waves (Introduction).

In module 2 & 3, you will learn the 5 core Elliott wave patterns. Their rules, guidelines, structural identification, invalidation rules. You will learn how to label these patterns and learn how to identify them in few seconds without lifting your fingers.

Module 2: Elliott wave patterns (Motive waves)

1.       The 5 core Elliott wave patterns.

2.       Impulse Waves: Rules, guidelines, structural formation, extensions, truncation and channeling techniques.

3.       Leading and Ending diagonals: Rules/Guidelines, Structural formation, “Throw-over” and “Throw-under”

Module 3:  Elliott wave patterns 2 (Corrective patterns)

1.       Zigzag Patterns:  Structural Formation, Rules/Guidelines

Complex Zigzag Patterns 

i.                     Double Zigzag Pattern: Structural Formation, Rules/Guidelines

ii.                   Triple Zigzag Pattern: Structural Formation, Rules/Guidelines

2.       Flat Patterns:  Structural Formations of Regular, Expanding and Running Flats. Rules/Guidelines

3.       Triangle Patterns: Structural Formations of Contrasting, Expanding and Barrier triangles. Rules and Guidelines.

In modules 4 & 5, you will learn the way professionals use Fibonacci series to forecast or project returning price levels in any market and time frame. Fibonacci ratios make Elliott waves theory more meaningful. From basics to advanced, you will learn the combined predictive power of Elliott wave and Fibonacci ratios.

Module 4: Fibonacci Ratio Analysis (Introduction)

1.       Introduction to Fibonacci Series.

2.       Introduction to Fibonacci ratios.

3.       Fibonacci retracement in waves.

4.       Fibonacci Extension in waves.

5.       Fibonacci Projection in waves.

6.       Fibonacci Clusters.

Module 5: Application of Fibonacci ratio analysis in Elliott waves theory

1.       Fibonacci relationships in Impulse waves.

2.       Fibonacci relationships in Diagonal patterns.

3.       Fibonacci relationships in Zigzag patterns

4.       Fibonacci relationships in Flat Patterns.

5.       Fibonacci relationships in Triangles.

6.       Fibonacci  Clusters in Elliott Wave patterns.

A good technical analyst/trader is one who uses the combined power of technical analysis tools from Elliott waves to support and resistance; from candlestick pattern to momentum analysis; from oscillators to Moving Averages.

This is our focus in Module 6 where you will learn how to use other technical tools to develop sound Elliott wave –based trading methodology.

In this module, you will learn price levels to watch out for reversals and supporting technical tools to identify weaknesses and reversals in any market and on any time frame.

Module 6:  Supporting Technical Tools.

1.       How to use Fibonacci tools, Trendlines and Support/Resistance to recognise reversal levels.

2.       How to use Momentum Indicators to identify Imminent weakness in a trend or correction.

3.       Momentum Indicators reversal patterns.

4.       Momentum Indicators continuation patterns.

5.       Major effective Candlestick continuation and reversal patterns that identify weakness in any market.

 In module 7, you will learn trade entry strategies for each wave patterns- one aggressive and two conservative strategies. You will learn how to determine your stop loss, adjust stop loss and plan/manage  your trade till you exit.

Module 7: Trade Execution and Management.

How to trade Elliott wave patterns with regard to the following.

i.                     Entry strategies. Conservative Entries: Break_out and Pullback strategies; Aggressive entry with Candlestick Patterns.

ii.                   How to set stop loss and project profits targets.

iii.                  How to adjust stop loss in any position with regard to the present market condition.

iv.                 How to take sequential profits.

v.                   How to exit before hitting stop loss i.e how to cut losses using Elliott wave theory.

vi.                 How to add to a winning position and still maintain the same amount of risk while keeping partial profits.

Other Trading Techniques

I.                    How to use Elliott waves theory with classic chart patterns.

II.                  The best candlestick patterns to use with Elliott wave

III.                Harmonic Elliott waves: Relation between Harmonic patterns and Elliott wave patterns.

IV.                Time ratio analysis. How to time the market and know when (time) next to expect major moves and when (time) to exit.

V.                  Money management rules

VI.                Trade Planning Techniques from entry to exit.

VII.              Trading Psychology lessons.

VIII.            Step_by_step methods of entering and exiting a trade.

What you will have access to as a participant.

1.       Our well recorded, simple, explanatory and clearly-done videos that teach the course contents.

2.       Access to Elliott wave materials of other professional Elliott wave traders and analysts in our archive. Materials include video tutorials, pdf books and articles. You will be surprised with the kind of materials you will get .

3.       2 months training/mentoring. We will guide you on how to analyse and trade any market.

4.       Live webinars with questions and answers on each of the topics in the modules.

5.       Access to collaborate with other Elliott wave learners, ex-participants  and experienced analysts/traders  in our social media private groups.

6.       2 months free signals in Forex, Commodities , Indexes and Stocks. This will allow you to grow your account while you learn.

7.       Membership of the private groups even after the duration of the course.

What you will benefit after this training and mentoring course.

1.       You will be a master of one of the most profitable technical  market forecasting tool used by professional traders and analysts for close to a century.

2.       You will be able to analyse and trade any market with confidence.

3.       You will have a sound, complete and reliable methodology that gives you an edge.

4.       You will be able to trade without panic no matter the market condition.

5.       You will possess a skill_set that will continue to make you good income on a consistent basis

6.       You will add to your knowledge base of technical analysis 

  See what more you will get from this Live Trading Course.                                                                                                                                                                             1 month Live trades in a trading room.

2 Months Free trading Signals to grow your account while learning. (Value: $100)

Starting Date: 28th November 2016
Ending Date: 10th February 2017.


There are two sessions which have two weeks break in-between.

 First session starts on 28th November 2016 and ends on 23rd December 2016

Second session starts on 9th January 2017 and ends on 10th February 2017


You won't disagree with me if I tell you the course worth $1000 considering what other courses out there are charging and what they will deliver compared to this.... not even talking of the bonuses and other unique benefits you may not find elsewhere.

......Relax!, we will give you for just $250.

A complete trading methodology that gives a sure edge and ensure you have all you need to succeed consistently. 


Sound means of making sure you apply what you learn in a real time chart and not on past price movement. 


 2 Months free trading signals with entry, exit and target so that you can make money while learning and also build your confidence of the system 

Access to a group of like-mind traders to ensure that you will not be alone and the groups will be kept even after 2 months of training (This is Invaluable) 

For Just $250

To register send a mail to
Whatsapp/Mobile: +2348134820569

You can also register below and we will send you the payment details and other things you need to know in less than 24 hours.

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