Friday, January 20, 2017

Make 500 - 1500 Pips monthly- 2 weeks trial.

Do you have any reason for missing important trades?.

Perhaps you are too busy, scared, indecisive, impatient (or any other reasons) to spot high probability winning trades with good risk-reward (R/R) ratio of 1:2 and more.

Do you like to make an average +500 pips in a month by just applying our winning trading signals on your trades?

Why can't you hire me to do the hard work for you while you relax and build your portfolio/investment?

It's quite easy, effective and cheap.

If you are tired of wasting your MONEY on signal services that don't work; use this and let grow your portfolio.

FEATURES of the Signal Service.

1. Tracks and follows the immediate trend.
2. Signals come with entry price (mostly pending order) with stop loss and 3 take profit levels at 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 R/R.
3. From +500 to +2000 net pips monthly.
4. Between 5 and 15 trades weekly
5. Follow up updates after the signals.
6. A signal can last from few hours to few days.
6.  Signals delivered through Telegram and SMS
7. Weekly video updates.
8.  An average 75% winning trades.
10. Will answer all your questions concerning money management.

                                   Special offer for new subscribers.
  • First 2 weeks free trial. You can get our signals for 2 weeks free.
  • The next 2 weeks go for $20.
  • If you are satisfied, you can get full access afterward for only $50 monthly
This will boost your confidence and reliability on the signals sent to you.

Is that a deal you might like?

Monthly Signal Fee : $50 only
If you want to witness the power of this signal service, get the first 2 weeks free and afterward get the next 2 weeks for just $20 (if you are satisfied with the first 2 weeks result). 

Signal performance.
 November2016 result: +1559 pips. Read more
 December 2017 result: +785 Pips
 January 2017 result: 10th January to 13th January shown below

 1. Audnzd buy TP 2 hit at +68 pips
2. Euraud sell TP 3 hit at +204 pips
3. Audchf buy TP 3 hit at +114 pips
4. Sell Gbpusd TP 1 hit at +73 pips. (order to close at Breakeven)
5. Sell Gbpjpy.Close at a loss of -36pips
6. Sell Gbpnzd. Closed at profit of +38 pips
7. Sell Gbpcad: Closed at breakeven
8. Buy Audnzd —— Cancelled
9. Sell Usdjpy... Stop loss hit at -79pips
10. Sell Usdcad..... Cancelled
11. Sell Cadjpy.. Stop loss hit at -49pips
12. Sell Eurjpy....Cancelled
13. Sell Eurnzd... TP 2 hit at +138pips (ongoing)

This was just a week result. 6 wins out of 9 and 3 cancelled. We didn't send signals in the third week of January because of many events in the week.

You can also try us out and see the difference.

Send a mail to or Whatsapp/sms +2348134820569.

If the growth of your fund is very important to you, no waste of time JOIN US NOW.

Send a message to OR
To Whatsapp/SMS: +2348134820569

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