Sunday, March 5, 2017

6-10 March Elliott wave trade setups : Launching my trading room.

Last week, we saw good moves in the market. USD strength, Aussie, NZD weakness. Toward the end of the trading week, there was good bullish moves for EURUSD. It looks like currency pairs like GBPUSD, NZDUSD have complete good cycle downside with imminent rallies. These are some of the thinks I discussed in the video below.

Prices move in patterns which are recognizable and are in simple ratios to another. Some of the most accurate of these patterns are covered by Elliott wave theory. Knowing how to recognize these patterns is a valuable technical skill that can help to have an edge over the market. This is a proven time-tested fact.

You can join me as we hunt these patterns and take good trades together. You can also watch the previous video below and see how price reacted later.

To win and win consistently, you need a system that has a base in a trading methodology like the Elliott wave theory. With proper management , risking a fixed percentage of your account on each trade and focusing on one time frame for your entry, you will definitely be successful.

That's what profitable trading career requires- Grit, Patience and Hardwork

Have you watched my video on how to risk a fixed % of your account on each trade?. The video below explains how to do just that and give yourself a winning advantage.

If you like the model of winning I discussed in the video above, you can just join me in my trading room starting this month with my premium subscribers.


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