Saturday, April 8, 2017

3 Months Classic E-wave Training and Mentoring

Classic Elliott wave Course

The Classic Elliott wave course will expose you to how to trade the markets professionally and expertly for as long as you want to. This is not a course for Analyst but for Traders who want to use Elliott wave theory as a trading system. Knowing how to use the theory with other technical tools is surely very profitable in the short and long term.

1. The Basics of Elliott wave theory and Fibonacci ratio analysis.

This session will teach the basic tenets of Elliott wave theory and Fibonacci ratio analysis and how experts use them to identify trends and correction in any markets.
   Duration: 5 Live sessions
   Video Tutorials
   Projects and Assignments

2. The best 7 classic wave patterns to trade.

In this session, you will learn how to identify 7 classic, profitable and highly probable Elliott wave patterns. This patterns lead to trade setups that give more than 1:3 R/R per trade. These patterns are the real deal. I have recognized, traded and respected these patterns for many years. Let me teach you how to spot them.
                                                                 Duration: 3 days
 Lectures: 3 Live sessions
  Video Tutorials
  Assignments and  project
  Live trade examples

3. Price Reversal Zone Theory

Classic wave patterns often complete at pre-calculated price levels (zones) before reversals. These zones are calculated before time and price respects them a lot.
This session teaches how to measure and calculate these zones using a combination of 3 highly effective technical tools.I will reveal these tools to you.
   Duration: 2 days
   Lectures: 2 live sessions
   Video Tutorials
   1 Assignment

4. Price Reversal Maturity

   This session will teach you a simple method I use to measure where and when price will get weakened and reverse or correct. Once these patterns complete at reversal regions,it's important to know if price is ready to reverse or continue. This is the tool I use. I have searched all over. I haven't seen any Elliott wave course that incorporates this. I am still surprised at how such an effective tool is ignored. This has been an effective tool over the year. I never ignore this. I usually lose when I do. This tool increases the odds of winning in your favor. It's not part of the Elliott wave theory. It's a trading system on its own and it works very well with these patterns. It's amazing.
   Duration: 1 day
   Lectures: 1 live session
   Video tutorial.

5. Price reversal patterns

This session teaches the 3 simple reversal patterns (not Elliott wave pattern) that I use to spot reversals once 1-4 above are set. Once price is set to reverse or correct based on sessions 1-4, this set of tools is the final on the list and it's the trigger tool.
   Duration: 2 days
   Lectures: 2 Live sessions

6. Entry/Exit strategy

This session teaches 3 simple entry strategies I use depending on market condition. My intention is  to get in as early as possible and stay as long as possible
   3 Simple strategies for each setup pattern
   How to get in early and stay long for a minimum of 1:3 R/R
   How to get out of a losing trade early
   Duration: 1 day
   Lectures: 1 Live session

7. Trade Management

   How to risk a fixed % of your account on each trade
   Stop loss adjustment method
   How to ride on a winner for more than 1:4 R/R 

   Duration : 2 days
   Session:   2 live sessions

The training period will last for 1 month. Live sessions come 4 times a week. Live sessions will be recorded for participants to watch and watch again and those who miss a class. This also come with video tutorials that were well recorded to explain Elliott wave theory and other supporting technical tools and methods.

1 Month for Live training.
2 Months Mentoring to apply all these on Live account.
Total Duration: 3 months.

Period of training: 24th April - 19th May 2017

Cost of training and mentoring : $250

Group Bookings/Enrollment

Group of 3: $500

Group of 5: $800 

This is the last time the course will be going this cheap.

Next Training /Mentoring starts in July and the cost will be $500. If you miss this, you will have to join next session in July. So hurry up.

To register, send a mail to or register below.

Please register below and we will contact you with the training schedule and the payment details.


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