Friday, June 30, 2017

Forex Sniper Intraday Signals: Userguide, FAQ and Subscription details

Brief Introduction

Our intraday signals is based on a strategy that follows the current intraday market trend. ‘The trend is your friend’ is a popular say and this strategy is built around that popular say. The signals are manually generated and have been back-tested for more than 5 years. The best part of this system is the reliability and the consistency. In the last 16 months, we have generated 15 months of profits from 500 Pips to 2500 Pips per month. 15 out of 16 is very good you will admit.

Who can use this Service

Any trader from newbies to traders who have been around awhile without consistency. More than monthly high returns, this service is intended for consistency. 300-500 Pips per month can grow any account steadily. That’s our intention. From traders who want high winning rates of trades to traders who focus on huge R/R, we have three levels of profit taking to accommodate all.

Instruments Covered

Our signals Service only covers major and minor currency pairs with the exception of exotic pairs. Only Gold is included among the commodities. We cover 20 currency pairs and Gold.

How are Signals delivered?

Signals are delivered mostly by pending orders with instruction for invalidation/violation. In some cases, signals come as current market orders. Signals are mostly delivered before or during the London and New York Market. We are asleep during the Asian market. Signals are delivered through Skype/Telegram/Whatsapp and SMS (attracts $10 extra charge).

How many Pips at the end of the Month?

We have 3 target levels - TP 1 for 1:1 R/R, TP 2 for 1:2 R/R and TP 3 for 1:3 R/R. Traders can aim any of these targets and make from 300 to 2000 Pips per month. More on take profits below.

How to take profits?

Plan 1

Set TP 1 for all signals. This is expected to give 300-500 Pips per month. This method is for traders with less than $500 to manage or traders who cannot afford to trade more than 0.01 standard Lot size per trade. The expected winning ratio here is 70%. Note that this plan is not limited to traders who trade small fund. Also note that traders in this category can use Plan 2 and 3.

Plan 2

Set TP 2 for all signals. This is expected to take more profits than Plan 1. It usually gives 400 - 800 Pips but with less winning ratio that Plan 1. This also comes with a bit of trade management. Traders are expected to automatically reduce SL by half once price hit TP 1 knowing that price will hit TP 2 before they can cash out. We also provide SL adjustment update as trades go in our favor for traders who use this plan and the other plans below.

Plan 3

Set TP 3 for all signals. This is for traders who are patient and want to fully utilize this system aiming final target at 1:3 R/R. Profits range from 500 Pips to 1200 Pips. SL adjustment instruction will be sent to traders who prefer this plan.

Plan 4

Sequential TP 2. This is for traders who trade from 0.02 Lots and above. They can divide their total lot size per trade by 2 and allocate to the same trade setting the first trade to target TP 1 and the other to target TP 2.     
Example: If there is a call to buy EURUSD with SL of 40 Pips and TP 1 for 40 Pips and TP 2 for 80 Pips.  If a trader wants to trade the signal with 0.03 Lots. He can buy 0.01 EURUSD targeting TP 1 and another 0.02 targeting TP 2 and then follow the SL trade management updates.

Plan 5

Sequential TP 3.  This plan is for traders who trade with multiple lot size from 0.02 and above. A trader can divide the total lot size to 3 and trade each to take TP 1,2 and 3. Or divide by 2 and make one to target TP 2 and the other to target TP 3.

Please note that traders can use their own plan. The system is self-sufficient. The 5 Plans are just profit taking clues that traders especially newbies can use. Traders are advised to use a fixed lot size for every trade call. Please the lot-size you decide to use must be pre-determined before taking the trade alerts.

How many signals per day/week/month?

Signals are not guaranteed to come every day. On a signal day, there can be 1-4 signals. Average weekly signal number is 6. You can get 4-12 triggered signals per week and 20-30 monthly triggered Signals.

Cost/Payment methods.

The full alert service costs $50 per month. Local currency payment costs #15000 monthly. Payment can be done through Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, Western Union, Direct bank Deposit via local transfer or WorldRemit.

Any Trials?

We often give trials for our new clients. We offered 2 months in August and September 2016 and another 2 months in May/June 2017. We will notify you when the next trial signals will be issued. Please mail us with the title: ‘Add me to the next trial’ or join our Telegram Channel for intraday free signals

Payment Details

To make payment, ask for details by contacting us below.
E-mail: with the title ‘Intraday Signals payment details’
Skype: @sanmiadeagbo
Telegram: @sanmiadeagbo / +2348134820569
Whatsapp: +2348134820569
Please tell us the payment method easy for you or any other alternatives if the ones listed above are not convenient.


Thanks for following our intraday signals for the past 16 months.

Sanmi Adeagbo

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